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While this may be hyperbolic, Rob and Work It do symbolize how far the sitcom format has fallen, at any rate.

It’s hard to perfectly capture the intense sense of fiery rage that I felt in watching these hackneyed and humorless failures. but, for reasons known only to CBS upper management, the network dropped the upside-down exclamation point, making copy editors everywhere sigh with relief—stars Rob Schneider as Rob, a sad sack and OCD-prone gringo who marries Maggie, a drop-dead-gorgeous Mexican-American woman (Claudia Bassols), after dating her for only six weeks. Rob, created by Lewis Morton (Big Lake, Futurama) and executive-produced by Eric Tannenbaum and Kim Tannenbaum (who can claim Two and a Half Men, Running Wilde, Brothers, and quite a few other sitcoms on their résumés), doesn’t exactly scream authenticity.

Putting aside the multicamera format—a perennial CBS favorite—and the painful laugh track, seems more like a parody of a sitcom than an actual comedy that’s been ordered to series, one that the studio and the network have spent money on to develop, produce, market, and promote.

Opposites attract, even when they come from different ethnic backgrounds, Rob seems to shrilly scream at the top of its lungs. Rob makes a gaffe by blurting about Catholics and birth control when faced by Maggie’s huge family!

He’s meant to provide some semblance of comic relief, his entrances and exits modeled after ’s Kramer, but without the deftness of Michael Richards, depth of character, or humorous dialogue.

He’s a leech in a man’s form, who happily swills spoiled sangria and sneaks into Rob and Maggie’s bedroom.

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No, Rob producers, sight gags about raping non-English-speaking Mexican grandmothers after they mistake you for masturbating are not hilarious in any universe or in any language.In 2009 Bassols filmed a lead role for The Eagle Path with Jean-Claude Van Damme.After a 2010 screening at Cannes, additional footage was shot in Sofia Bulgaria in 2012, and the recut film has been released as Full Love.“I wish you people wouldn’t use a leaf blower,” she complains at one point.Ah, isn’t it ironic that Mexicans are bothered by noisy gardeners too? The deeper one gets into Rob, the worse it truly becomes, as the laugh track seems to taunt the viewer with its false guffaws the more overtly offensive the show gets.

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Both Rob and Work It are deeply offensive in their own ways, but the real crime is that Rob, which launches on CBS on Thursday, and its ABC sibling lack any real sense of humor. Their wedding—which, naturally, takes place on the spur of the moment at a Las Vegas chapel—comes as a terrible surprise to Maggie’s sprawling family, who never envisioned her with a short, white husband. For the pilot, at least, there isn’t a single Latin name among the writers or producers (Schneider, who has an executive-producer credit on the show, can boast a Latina wife), and the series’s first episode offers a wafer-thin appreciation and awareness of Mexican culture, one that doesn’t go beyond guacamole and the occasional use of the Spanish endearment mija (my daughter).

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