Chelsea and dave salmoni dating co stars and dating

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Chelsea Handler and Dave Salmoni are dating lately.

Dave Salmoni (pictures below) normally tackles menacing creatures in his daily work.

The report adds “he absolutely adores her” but doesn’t say if Chelsea thinks the same.

And while Dave Salmoni is star on Animal Planet, unless he stops by Dash Miami, or is invited to play video games with Rob and Lamar in Khloe’s bedroom, don’t expect Salmoni and Handler to be featured in any hourly breaking “news” updates on E! ABOUT THIS AUTHOR

Last night Handler said her staff is like SNL without the budget.His dad was a substance designer and mother was a focused figure skating mentor.He went to study zoology at the Laurentian University in Sudbury, Ontario and was additionally ensured in Chemical immobilization of untamed life.Then he composed his undergrad theory on following the hibernation of Canadian mountain bears. In 1998, he started his career as a creature mentor at Bowmanville Zoological Prak.In any case, he cleared out Canada for South Africa as a piece of the dubious Tiger “rewilding” extend in 2000.

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