Ceton cablecard updating firmware

Ceton later released a companion product, the Infini TV 4 USB, which, as its name implies, took the technology formerly housed in a PCI Express card and packed it into a compact external box.

Now the company has upped the game again by releasing a new Infini TV product with two key additions: six tuners and networking support.

Many companies inhabit the TV tuner market, but perhaps the most innovative is Ceton.

While this happened a few times a week on our previous four-tuner product, we had to try hard to reach a recording conflict with the Infini TV 6 ETH.

This results in a whole new way of thinking about DVRs.

While power users have long been addicted to connecting multiple tuner devices to their PCs, average HTPC consumers are still likely to have only one tuner device.

With the Infini TV 6, that one device is now far more capable.

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