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Carbon is such a common element but only a fraction of the carbon atoms are that of carbon-14.The carbon would have to be separated from other isotopes as well, so that the readings were only being emitted by the carbon-14.Using a Geiger counter takes nearly 1000 decays to be observed and with the half-life of 57340 years only .001 percent of those atoms will decay within a 1 year period.Using this method requires around 1 million atoms to be scanned and approximately 1 year to complete.I am excited to learn more and show others the history and uses of carbon-14 dating.

This illustrates the typical calibration of a radiocarbon date.It is produced in the stratosphere and troposphere through the bombardment of waves of cosmic radiation on the element nitrogen-14.Neutrons from the cosmic radiation release the proton in nitrogen-14 converting it into carbon-14.Libby (1908-1980)Libby is the developer of radiocarbon dating, for his research and findings he was awarded a Nobel Peace Prize in 1960 in Chemistry.Libby actually worked on his theory of radiocarbon dating, using carbon-14 in secret.

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