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Funding is obtained through donations, grants and membership fees.403.246.0390If you find yourself with more time in your schedule, come out and make a friend and join one of the many activities designed for Active Living for Older Adults.

Socializing is an important way to keep mentally healthy and active. We're here to help you find services that let you stay comfortable in your own home.403.289.4780We now boast over 700 members with a volunteer base of about 300.

Founded by Karen Henderson, we have created everything you and your family need to plan for your aging and long term care needs.403.955.1674.

Services include information, linkage to health care and community services, an understanding and supportive person to talk with, as well as educational opportunities.

AISH clients may also be eligible to receive supplemental assistance (a child benefit and personal benefits) through the AISH program.1.866.408.5465We are the skilled and dedicated health professionals, support staff, volunteers and physicians who promote wellness and provide health care every day to approximately 3.8 million Albertans, as well as to many residents of southwestern Saskatchewan, southeastern British Columbia and the Northwest Territories.

Alberta Health Services (AHS) has over 104,000 employees, including approximately 96,100 direct AHS employees and almost 8,000 staff working in AHS wholly-owned subsidiaries such as Carewest, Capital Care Group and Calgary Laboratory Services (excluding Covenant Health staff), 17,600 volunteers and almost 8,400 physicians.866.335.9777ICAA's mission is to promote Active Aging as a solution to improving the quality of life for older adults.

We are a bilingual, not-for-profit organization made up of caregivers, caregiver support groups, national stakeholder organizations and researchers.

We provide leadership in identifying and responding to the needs of caregivers in Canada.

Come check out this exceptional choice for todays most discerning seniors.

Regular Members are independent and supportive living operators in Alberta from the voluntary not-for-profit, public not-for-profit and private sectors.

ASCHA represents the full spectrum of seniors housing options, including over 2500 designated assisted living (DAL) units, with an integrated perspective.780.286.7402Providing low and moderate income seniors, who are functionally independent, with a self-contained apartment style suite.

An applicant requesting plates must either have the vehicle(s) registered in the name of the person with the disability or be a joint owner on the vehicle registration.403.283.5580Have you ever wondered why no one talks about sexuality after 60?

A group of dedicated seniors has been working to provide insight into just that.

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