Building trust dating

The way to build trust is to start with small requests and then move on to progressively larger requests.

As the girl complies with a request, and it turns out alright and fun, her level of trust in you increases.

Because she is filled with positive emotions she is going to go for it. Give her visual signals to go along with you or even take her hand and physically lead her.

A venue change is an instant date that you take the girl on, along with her group if necessary.

These are places to which you can venue change, in addition to your own place.

To suggest the venue change be simple and direct, implying that you are in control and not easily distractible.

Build emotions into it and make it sound like the coolest thing you could ever do, no matter how ridiculous it is.

An important part in Comfort is trust building, which is the focus of the second Comfort phase.

The girl needs to be able to trust that you are not going to make her feel uncomfortable.

Once you are able to do that with ease, you can move her to one or more nearby venues for more comfort building.

As you leave the meeting venue together with the girl the second Comfort phase begins – C2 Trust.

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