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Chuck in a preppier look, was definitely improved but said he felt like he was a bit of an imposter.

As practice, the geeks are all given a note that tells them to ask out a girl other than their partner to a romantic dinner.However, the true pain was being felt by Lauren who had to deal with Richard spilling wine on himself, getting a glass of water out of the ice bucket and then, after a horrible date, trying to steal a kiss.All this came from the ladies man who was 110% confident that he was going to get lucky.Bill start out with 1 phone number as a head start because Lauren won the girls’ challenge.One more thing, the geeks are all given earpieces so that the beauties who will be watching from afar can give them advice the entire time. Bill scores the first number only to be followed up by Chuck who starts to get phone numbers using the persona of being a screenwriting student.

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As Lauren put it, the date was an 8 and then a 4, a 3, a 0, and then a negative 6.

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