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The first time they were played after they were taken from the tomb was in 1939 before the World War II. The third time they were played was before the 1990 Persian Gulf War, and the most recent was before the Egyptian Revolution of 2011.

Because of this, the flugelhorn is often used in jazz music because even though you play this instrument just like you would a regular trumpet, the sound is very different, being very subtle and relaxing.

A pocket trumpet always has the same playing range as a regular trumpet, even though the bell part is generally a little smaller in diameter.

It has three valves just like a Bb trumpet does, and the notes are played with the same fingerings.

However, traditional bugles have no valves at all, which is the one characteristic that helps people recognize them.

The cornet is a smaller version of the Bb trumpet, yet not nearly as small as the pocket trumpet.

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