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However, his background is a hundred and eighty degrees different from anything to do with relationships!Lawrence has over thirteen years of experience as a chip designer in Silicon Valley and has worked in different roles from manager and architect for several large and well as startup companies.My site, already has over 20,000 members and is bigger than 99.9% of the other dating sites out there.I used many of the major sites when I was single and struggled with them.

Online advertising which is available to the small business for dollars a day instead of having to lay out thousands for traditional types of advertising, and being able to assess advertising effectiveness in real time.Lawrence Chernin is the founder of Brainiac – a website for out of the box singles and several intelligence themed singles groups with thousands of members across the US and Canada.His favorite slogan is “it’s sexy to be smart” and his message is to encourage singles to think and be creative.Even a small video of a few MB would be such a huge enhancement for a dating site.I had and option for users to upload videos on my site and almost no one used it.

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