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"You don't want to waste your time with a man who just went through a breakup or is looking only for a fling, because it likely won't go anywhere," warns Wygant.

Another way to get pertinent info on a guy without giving the matchmaker the third degree: Find out what he does on the weekends.

"You can even think about your friends' boyfriends' admirable traits." And corny as it sounds, if you need help getting all of your thoughts organized, write it all down on a list for yourself.

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Ask them to give you specific qualities that they think you're looking for in a boyfriend.

You're not only checking out their taste in men, you're also ascertaining how well they've read what you've told them.

You need to be as detailed as possible about what you're looking for..what you're not.

For example, a man who invites a group of friends over every Tuesday night for dinner and screenings is clearly very social and into entertaining.

Obviously, your core group of friends knows your situation so you're not likely to meet someone new through them.

The solution: Cast a wider net...though still be selective.

Or if you're a dedicated liberal democrat, be adamant that you're not at all open to meeting a conservative republican.

If you're having a hard time nailing down the specifics, "reflect on the qualities you've loved in past boyfriends," suggests Dreyfus.

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