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Instead of swiping for matches, How About We allows users to post a date idea that they’d like to go on.

If both people like each other, it’s a match and a chat opens up between the two people. It’s so successful — boasting “over 6 billion matches and counting” — because it casts a wide net.No app is better then the other, it's all about you. Tinder, Bumble, OK, Po F, and even Match and Eharmony.I have zero day game, I spend 1 hour a day addressing my messages, and I have unlimited access to new pussy.Considering I have no morals, deceit is no problem.I regularly message these girls calling them "classy" saying how our generation is going down the drains and how I'm romantic and going to sweep them off their feet. You swipe right or left like Tinder, but the difference is that after there is a match, only the female can start the conversation. If she starts the conversation it's a good sign she wants to get with you, and I've noticed far fewer flakes.

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