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Can you please update the date, and then we can go ahead and sign? A backdated NDA is valid from the point you sign it, but appears to be valid from an earlier date.

" Doing this forces them to come outright and say "we want you to backdate", or they can back down from that position and update the date. If you had done something in the past that would be in violation of an NDA if it had been in place, then the company cannot claim you were in violation, unless they are lying about the point in time when you signed.

I'm not worried that I've done anything wrong but I just feel like that's a lot to ask of me.

I've never been asked to sign any legal document that was backdated like this.

(That is to say, what will happen if you sign it without understanding what exactly you are signing.) You run the risk of screwing yourself for a good, long time if you sign something without understanding the risks and weighing them carefully.

If you have any doubts that you may have done (or even forgotten) something that may violate the terms of the NDA you should raise them with your employer before signing.You might assume the worst in people, so you might assume that they would use the backdated NDA against me, lying in court, which would be another good reason not to sign it. It is possible as Colleen points out that there are motives that are not malicious against the employee.Conclusion: No matter what your assumptions are, don't sign it. In the case described, someone intends to make someone act differently by providing a forged document.If you think someone might want a good reason why you don't sign: Well, obviously by having an incorrect date you would be effectively lying - you would make it look like you signed two years ago, when you are signing right now. Rather than try to balance your loyalty to the employer and loyalty to your principles (and generally the truth), I strongly recommend not signing the backdated document.A lot is at stake for you personally with this silly document.

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In other words, they grabbed their standard NDA, which was last updated two years ago (it is possible others have signed without checking the date, or didn't care).

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