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And now I have trust issues that there wasnt more then that going on while we were still going out, and they were going to hang out and go do things. so to find out if hes cheating, she takes sex away from him. Till I came up with some hard evidence that proved it was more then that, dating for 2 years. Yeah, look how that turned out and just how untrue that was. Yeah I forgave her but I still cant forget about it. I was looking at your profile, Is that you on the you tube video? Because she was still uncomfortable about me lincoln ation newspapers meeting her friends.

But to me it seems like there are conditions to our sexual intimacy. I trying to make sense of this all, but when it comes down to it I really cant. She doesnt want to have Ariton sex because she is scared that a day or so later we are going to have a real bad fight, again, and that she wants to wait a few days to see how it goes. Those conditions are; no fights for X amount of days then sexual intimacy. However, when she tells me that the sex between her ex was just sex, and he was more of a friend, she was never in love with him. But when she tells me that she is so madly in love with me, but right now sexual intimacy is out of the quion.

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