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The Australian side was an all Aboriginal one and toured England where they played 47 games, where they won 14 games, drew 19 and lost 14.

Australia's adoption of sport as a national was pastime was so comprehensive that Anthony Trollope remarked in his book, Australia, published in 1870, "The English passion for the amusements which are technically called 'sports', is not a national necessity with the Americans, whereas with the Australians it is almost as much so as home." The Sheffield Shield cricket competition was first held in 1891 with New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia participating in the inaugural competition.

In 1835, the British Parliament banned blood sports except fox hunting in a law that was implemented in Australia; this was not taken well in the country as it was seen as an attack on the working classes.

By the late 1830s, horse racing was established in New South Wales and other parts of the country, and enjoyed support across class lines.

When his body was returned to Australia, 100,000 people attended his Sydney funeral.

In 1922, a committee in Australia investigated the benefits of physical education for girls.

Motor racing began in the first years of federation with motorcycle racing beginning at the Sydney Cricket Ground in 1901 with automobile motorsport following in 1904 at Aspendale Racecourse in Melbourne.

Gambling was part of sport from the time horse racing became an established sport in the colony.

The first Australian cricket team to go on tour internationally did so in 1868.

Historically, rugby league and rugby union football codes have been more popular than Australian rules football in New South Wales and Queensland, whereas Australian rules football has been more popular in Victoria, Tasmania, South Australia, North Territory and Western Australia.

Major professional sports leagues in Australia are similar to major professional sports leagues in the United States and Canada in that they do not practice promotion and relegation, unlike sports leagues in Europe and South America.

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A dedicated race track was added to Aspendale's horse racing track in 1906, although it fell into disuse almost immediately.

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