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Cronin has received all sort of pushback to her dating project — from super-Catholics, from super-feminists and from students who’d rather focus on getting a job than getting a date. “Not everybody is called to romantic relationship, not everyone is called to marriage,” Cronin says.“But everybody’s called to relationships — that what it means to be human.” And that’s what she’s trying to foster.“Even students’ parents are telling them: ‘Don’t get caught up in a relationship now; you need to get your career set and on track before you even really start thinking about that,’ ” Cronin says.She adds that our “hypersexualized” culture focuses more on getting laid than on “the foibles and the hard work and the joys and the despair of just casual dating.” Cronin’s dating project is an attempt to nudge young people to embrace those foibles — the nervousness of asking someone out and the rejection that can result.Because hookup culture has become so dominant on college campuses, Cronin says, going on a date has become “a weirdly countercultural thing to do.” Cronin still gives a version of this assignment, which used to be mandatory but is now just for extra credit.On campus she’s become known as the “dating professor,” but you don’t need to be a Boston College student to reap her wisdom: There are numerous You Tube videos of her preaching her relationship gospel, and a documentary about the campus phenomenon she’s created is showing in select theaters on Tuesday.

One skill that comes with practicing asking people out and inevitably experiencing rejection: Learning that your “ego strength” doesn’t come from someone else, Cronin says, citing a Freudian term, but that’s it’s natural to seek that ratification from other people.

It was the first time Peña had asked a guy on a date.

“It leapfrogged us into having an actual conversation that didn’t revolve around a Jager Bomb,” Peña recalled recently.

How romance can protect gay and lesbian youths from emotional distress Being an advice columnist: How do you help others when you don’t have your life figured out?

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