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Moreover, this income can truly exceed average monthly wages by several times! Forget about stories how transform into tens of thousands within a couple of minutes.The probability of it is not more than of winning in lottery several times in a row. The most widespread are: From all that, you must understand the most significant: trading is the type of working! Statistically, about 95% beginners reach nothing in this activity.

Further, there goes the block of theoretical information (psychology, deposit management and so on), and finally, 1-2 simple forex trading strategies are looked into.

And realization that everything is not that easy as it may seem comes only after first failures and losses.

Speculations at the currency market can really become a source of stable and continuous income.

Internet is full of stories about novice traders who get wealthy for a month, then leave their main job, buy a car and begin living well, spending a couple of hours per day for trading.

It’s obvious that such an example attract many people, and the problem of forex trading for beginners is very acute.

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At the moment, there are lots of ready trading strategies, so you can easily choose one of them and then start engaging practice.

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