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The library is the most valuable asset of the Foundation, and by combining several collections of books, pamphlets, periodicals, newspapers, manuscripts, documents, and portraits the library was thus formed. Cartoon of Jefferson Davis, abed, receiving the news of the capture of Fort Donelson.

There are eight large collections to be found in the library as follows: Executive's Collection For many years officials of the Lincoln National Life Insurance Company have been gathering items associated with and refer- ring to Abraham Lincoln.

24 HOBBIES Awaiting World's Fair Visitors A LIVING, heart-gripping picture of the ^~*- life and struggles of Abraham Lincoln awaits the multitudes who will visit Chica- go's 1933 World's Fair. Warren, Director of the Historical Research Foundation of The Lincoln National Life Insurance Company sends the following contents of a letter Lincoln wrote: Washington, D. In testimony whereof I have caused the seal of the United States to be affixed. pl234 OLD MANUSCRIPTS WANTED— (Not neces- sarily of Autographic or Historic value.) — An- tiquaria Americana, Dept. Original letters and documents of Presi- dents of the United States particularly wanted. When a guest is sufficiently serious and interested Bjorkman takes him to a room in the hotel where he has a col- lection of Lincolniana.

Hitchcock Collection The Hanks' papers, including 1,200 gene- alogical lists of Hanks families and hun- dreds of letters and records of the family were brought together thirty years ago by Mrs. This is by far the largest collection of Hanks' papers and pictures extant. Helm-Hay era ft Collection The early Kentucky manuscripts in the Helm-Haycraft collection, about 2,000 in number, were gathered over 100 years ago by John Helm, the surveyor, and Samuel Haycraft, the historian, in the communities where Lincoln's parents lived. Cartoon showing Lincoln winning over the three Democratic candidates. These old records provide a documentary background for the activities of Thomas Lincoln and his neighbors. The alleged romance of Lincoln and Ann Rutledge is recalled vividly in the fourth structure, a replica of the Rutledge Tavern in Salem where Lincoln loved to idle away the hours, and where it is said he courted Ann. Finally we come to the wigwam, a repro- duction of the Chicago convention hall in which Lincoln was nominated for the Presi- dency the honor which brought him martyr- dom along with his undying glory.

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Mahogany dining room chair, with leather seat, used by Abraham Lin- coln and his family while in the White House, Washington, 1861-1865.

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