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I kind of like villager personalities are in New Leaf.

Don't get me wrong - variety is always a good thing, but I play AC to escape the jerks of the real world and I don't really want to meet more jerks in AC.

Gosh, I love these personalities and I would have the time of my life when interacting with them.

Sure some people play Animal Crossing to "de-stress" and to relax, but the animals in NL are bland and boring after a few conversations. I started with Wild world, where I think the neighbours have alreaddy been toned down but still, they felt more realistic than the NL villagers. They act and think similar as I do, that's why I want to get through to them until they give me their photo. I don't know..they don't get mad because I didn't show up at their house it feels like they couldn't care less about me or they talk bad behind your back. AC is exactly what I play when I want to relax and not have people be relentlessly rude to me. I like the idea of the player characters also having personalities, maybe as part of Kapp'ns quiz?

The characters were never "relentlessly rude", just occasionally. It's ok to be optional I guess, but if I chose to have him, then it's because I WANT the over the top, scary Resetti! I remember one particular thing where he would make you type out “I’m sorry” or something like that. Phyllis and Gracie were always snotty and looked down on everyone.

I have a neighbor named Whitney that I like to date (wink wink) and everyday I Orrrr, find me on Skype: Carlasaurus13 I hate typing on DS ^_^.

Everyone is typically glad to see you when you say hi, and even the ones that exude this new, watered-down "Cranky" mood are still pretty pleasant. That's where the rubber really meets the road.

And before you protest, no, someone making a snide-but-good-natured comment about your outfit isn't rude. Yes, I know the Cranky personality still Star Wars movies.

I think that's one reason I couldn't get attached to any of the people in Stardew Valley, because they all basically brush you off at first and only talk to you once, maybe twice a day. It was SO much work to actually become good friends with a character.

I wanted to be friends and eventually marry Abigail but I had to go out and find a fuckin ton of amethysts to give to her and I can only give them to her a certain amount of times in one day, week, etc.

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The sheer amount of furniture, outfits, holidays, fish & insects, and neighbors is what makes people fall in love with the franchise. It's not interesting to make friends with Agent S, since he's ready to be your bestie from literally the first second you meet him.

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