18 year old dating 27 year old

At 27, your boyfriend could be looking to settle down and start a family in the near future, whereas you're not even 20 yet (let's face it, you're still a teenager! I'm not saying you should be out partying every night, but you're still very young and he's had his chance for the party/young adult years.

Another thing that you should consider is that if you stay together for the longhaul, you will be stuck taking care of an old man while you are still only middle-aged.

Thanks for this answer (and everyone elses - replies have been better than I anticipated ) At work on Friday, I told someone that I trust about the relationship, she just said "a man approaching his thirties will only want one thing from a teenager" and when I told her we had a lot in common and there was never an awkward silence between us she said she found it hard to believe.

I couldn't believe it, I felt so offended that someone could say that.

I'm just going to wait and see how the relationship pans out but honestly couldn't be happier at the moment because of him I just need to stop caring about what other people think too much to be honest!

My concern is that you two are not at the same stage in your lives.

You both have been understandably tentative about commitment and if he still wants you when he had the freedom to date other women then that's a keeper .

**** everyone else, you sound sensible and this is more than about just sex.He also still does the whole parties/festivals/raves thing - he's 19 in his hear and his head haha which is why we probably work so well. There were a lot of naysayers in the beginning but clearly it all worked out perfectly fine.I'm the same but I also have a mature head on me as i've been through some not so great stuff in life so I usually have good instincts in telling apart people that are good for me and people that aren't. (7 years 1 month and 12 days if you want to be specific lol). I do think there IS such a thing as an age gap that's too big, but not 7 or 8 years, that's generally not so bad.If you're willing to deal with the health issues that come with an aging partner, then it's not a big deal.Obviously if the two of you want the same things both in the short and long run and he treats you right, there is nothing wrong with the age gap.

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Just make sure you're both on the same page and that one of you isn't taking this more quickly than the other.

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