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Look at this way OP - in only two years she'll be eighteen and you'll be twenty one. I'd say you're close to the edge of acceptability, but as long as you're not taking advantage of some naive young girl (which is why those laws exist in the first place) I'd say you're all good. I was in the exact same (Plus another brother, and an older sister) position as you.Met a girl through some friends, spent some time together, hit it off, and I find out she's 16, meanwhile I'm 19.A 13 year old girl should not go out on a date with anyone especially a 16 year old boy. Well the age difference is a bit too big because an 11 year old girl will not be as grown as a 14 year old boy.

I'm very torn right now.e: I really appreciate all of the comments, guys.

I heard when you're 17, the police can't make you go home, but could I get in trouble for satutary rape when he turns 17?

(Before you ask, I'm not worried about the legal stuff because the age of consent where I live is 16.

People gave me shit for it almost every time they heard how old she was, but you just gotta brush it off.

We shared so much in common, and she both looked older, and was far more mature than most people I can remember being when I was that age ( I actually thought she was around her early 20's when I met her) that when we went out for dinner, or on a date, no one gave us weird looks.

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