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“The relationship is on a first-name basis,” says Hiranandani.

“We’re like your BFF, we get to know you, become your friends, and then set you up with other friends.” Meeting ground The aim is to simulate a real dating environment, where personal connections and serendipity are more important than how many of your data points match.

The rejection rate is high — FLOH picks 5,000 out of over 50,000 applicants a year.

Sirf Coffee has an even smaller pool of 1,100 members, spread across 18 countries.

Half the battle nowadays is [in] actually meeting, and we conquer half that battle for you.” Sirf Coffee sets you up on a blind coffee or dinner date, and all you have to do is show up.

Even Indian online dating services are attracting a lot of funding these days.

The online matchmaking industry was centred around matrimonial sites like Shaadi.com, which saw great success by simplifying the complicated calculations of class, caste and community into a few clicks and keystrokes.

A few local dating sites did exist, such as India Flirt and

But most were shady at best, overflowing with desperate men wanting to “make frandship”.

Ten years down the line, the landscape looks completely different.

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